Planning For the Perfect Beach Wedding in Thailand

If your dream is to have a seaside wedding, Thailand beaches provide the perfect setting. The well kept beaches and fresh atmosphere will ensure that you get the exact atmosphere you are looking for. However, the reality of getting married on the beach seems so far for most couples. Unlike other weddings, beach weddings require special planning. A beach wedding can be a big flop with shoddy planning. You need to plan early if you want a successful beach wedding. Many of the beach weddings Thailand has facilitated have been successful. In fact, you do not have to throw a large chunk of cash into the wedding. With early and proper planning, you source for the fairest deals thus save money. The following planning tips will guarantee you a beach wedding Thailand best.


Consider how busy the beach will be during the day of your wedding. If you have picked a date during the holiday months, you will need to check how clear your wedding spot will be. The last thing you want is intrusion by a bunch of strangers. You will need to organize with management to set aside the space for your event or better still book a private beach.

Backup plan

The beach has unpredictable weather. A day that started with great sunshine rays can end up with a heavy downpour. This can spoil a well planned beach wedding. Discuss with the resort management of possible backup plans. If the wedding is to be done outdoors, are there good and sufficient indoor alternatives for you and your guests?

Consider your guests

You do not want your guests squinting due to the strong sun rays. This might not be so good for the video. Make sure you provide some shade. You may create canopies to cover the seating area. Do not let your guests to spend the day with sand in their shoes. Provide a shoe rack where guests can swap shoes for sandals and wipe sand off their feet. You also need to keep your fresh guests with refreshments. Set up a table with a signature cocktail, lemonade and ice water.

Wedding dress

Planning a beach wedding Thailand style can be so overwhelming and you might forget about the wedding gowns. You need to plan early for your dress to make sure you get the right fit. Avoid a big dress as it makes walking in the beach and taking photos totally difficult. Ideally, choose lightweight fabric such as charmeuse or chiffon which will flow freely in the ocean breeze. Wear wedges, espadrilles or flat-sole sandals; high heels and sand don’t just mix.

Get a permit

Find out well in advance whether there is any legal paperwork you need to acquire from local authorities. You might be required to get a permit if the ceremony is happening on a public beach. Also, inquire about noise ordinances and dirt collection requirements. You do not want to find yourself in law suits after your special day.

You can make your beach wedding Thailand event the best day of your life if you dedicate your time and energy into planning. Consider these points when planning and you can be rest assured of a perfect event.