How to Get the Best Value State of Origin Corporate Suite Packages

The State of Origin corporate packages give you access to suites of unparalleled luxury and premier entertainment value. This tailor-made hospitality allows you get the best view and optimal entertainment without breaking the bank. It is the best way to enjoy the State of Origin and leave Queensland with some beautiful memories after the tournament.

The entertainment value of the Origin corporate box hospitality is really unmatched anywhere else. The packages can include a great array of treats that are at the top end of luxury. There is privacy and intimacy as well as good dining options that are guaranteed to satisfy anyone. The State of Origin corporate packages can have the following inclusions:

·         Entry ticketing for the tournament

·         A careful choice of some well prepared and seasoned dishes. This typically includes a rich menu selection that will cater for all tastes.

·         Choose from a selection of premium beverages ranging from beer to sparkling wines and even spirits.

·         Exclusive viewing seating that can have sliding windows allowing you to be both within and without the tournament arena.

·         An opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the rugby legends seated in the same area.

·         Dedicated hostesses to ensure that you are well catered for with your guests for the duration of the games.

These and much more on the State of Origin corporate packages will ensure that you truly enjoy your experience here. The packages and experience itself take luxury pampering and entertainment to a whole new level for you and your colleagues or guests.

There are plenty of options and packages available too for those who would want a more personalized experience during the State of Origin. The State of Origin corporate suites are some of the best that you would find anywhere else in Queensland and indeed Australia. A lot of research and design has gone into creating these into some of the most comfortable and exciting suites that you would find in any sporting arena. The flexibility in the design of the spaces allow one to fully maximize the atmosphere that is inside the sporting arena.

There are other perks that will come with choosing corporate suite for the State of Origin such as easy access to car parking facilities so that you do not have to struggle with finding the best car parking space and much more.

To make the most of these, it is important to work with a professional sports marketing and management agency that will avail the best options for the State of Origin corporate packages and help you get the best deals in the market. One such company that specializes in State of Origin corporate hospitality is Southern Cross Sports Marketing which offers guests an array of Origin corporate box hospitality options and packages to suit individual needs.

Some of the packages offered by the sports marketing company include the following:

·         State of Origin I-Captain’s Club

·         The State of Origin III-Forty Twenty Club

·         The State of Origin II-Immortals

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