Five best luxurious vacation destinations in Asia

People travel for different reasons and if you plan to explore Asia, then this piece should ring a bell. However, when broken down, travelers have one major reason for travel: to enjoy a particular break in a luxurious manner. Traveling to Asia is one of the biggest vacation commitments especially when you want to do it in style. Full enjoyment of your holiday break calls for your best choice for a perfect luxurious site that can meet your expectations. For luxury travel experiences in Asia, learn more about the sights below before setting your foot into this lifetime trip.

The Maldives

This is a classic honeymoon destination for new couples. It contains over one thousand islands that provide the intimate seclusion you need. It is a heavenly paradise packed with resorts and sunny beaches to provide the luxury to its highest point. Some of the sites you can visit when in Maldives include luxury villas and over- the- water bungalows. Getting into Maldives can be a little hard but it can make a memorable picture of your break.


China for a long time in history is famous for creativity. Her experts for new electronic inventions and boxing masters are famous worldwide. However, when it comes to luxury, the capital city can surprise you. It is full of points of interests as well as a home of some of the best quality hotels the country has to offer. For travelers who want to have luxury travel experiences in Asia, Beijing has all your needs catered for as you enjoy yourself in the most luxurious hotels in the city.


Just like Beijing, Kyoto is not famous for its luxury but for its culture. However, it is a home of over ten world heritage sites and the ancient Japan is beautiful and fascinating. For visitors’ information, you can hole up hotels and accommodation options from penthouse suites to fully serviced apartments and hotels, all with that unique Japanese feel that many visitors love.


Bali is another site that tops new couples list. The Indonesian city incorporates everything you expect from warm water to white sand and wide array of luxury hotels. Its island stretches to its other side to give visitors a big range of enjoyment. Bali is where you can adventure and learn more about sports and excursions.

Koh Samui

Thailand as well is not that famous when it comes to luxury. However, this site in Thailand emerges to correct that wrong information by providing visitors with the most luxurious moments so far. If you are a visitor who doubts about this site, you need to consider it to have the most memorable time that makes your luxury break fantastic. Its luxurious villas are accompanied by friendly atmosphere that you can love. The islanders welcome visitors to feel at home even if they are thousands of miles from it. Moreover, the destination contains natural landmarks and spiritual sites that are suitable for improving your geographical experience.

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